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                         Susan P. 




 I took the Provence trip with Dawn in September. The tour was so much fun, with visits to spectacular Roman sites, wineries and                                                              great  restaurants. There was a great mix of guided walks and free time on this trip. Our Accommodations were beyond my                                                                          expectations! The villa was very comfortable and beautiful; I considered playing hookie one day to just enjoy the surroundings. One                                                           (of many) highlights was a class with an American guide who has made it her life's mission to learn and teach everything possible                                                             about French wines. Her class was very educational; you would probably learn something new even if you think you know all                                                                       about wine. I was overcome by the food experience! Each meal was so delicious and unique it was impossible not to over indulge. I                                                             am looking forward to seeing what other tours Dawn will design in the future.




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